Thursday, March 26, 2009

Holt McLean-NC artist

This image is an oil painting done by a local artist. It reminded me of the discussion we had in studio about the pathways throughout the forest and how these relate to our circulation paths through the school.

Forces of Nature

This is an exhibit showing how the forces of nature can be altered. I was intrigued by this image because I think it is important to have something in the school that will stimulate the brain, especially for students of this age. It may not be important that it serves any other purpose.

Signage Ideas

The signage will ideally be located on the band that becomes the way finding device for the school. It will follow the main hall down toward the connecting hallway between the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. This band then will potentially find its way outside where it connects back around to the front. Following the concept of the circle

Eastern Redbud

This image was inspirational to me because first off the eastern redbud is a native north carolina tree but its colors and shape are very beautiful. Our concept deals with the foundation of branching but also I think it is important to look at the blooming stage.

Graphic Branching Signage

Circles are teh foundation of branching.

This is a notion that should be carried between the high school and middle school. The event displays on the walls simulate that off branching and you learn from these events that seem to jump off the walls.

Clock/Tree Sculpture

Clocks are important and something to not forget when designing around the main entry. This is where students congregate and will be looking at the time for beginning and ending school.

large roots: NC Trees

Trees have two separate types of roots. The smaller ones are the feeding roots which supply the nutrients to the tree and the large wooded tree roots provide the support/foundation. In plan the main entry and transitional hallway are like the large wooded roots and the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade hallways are the smaller feeding roots which the students feed off of the knowledge from the classrooms.

Arching Trees

AMAZING! to incorporate?