Saturday, May 9, 2009


Our last day finally came down to presentations at Northern Guilford High School. There were a few students including Bryan and Wade plus some other teachers. Janel, Shannon, and myself presented the studio's projects and ended with a video showing the process of our own studio's spaces' transition. I never thought I would be so nervous to present until I was standing in front of the students. Whether it was because the abundance of coffee combined with no sleep or the fact we were responsible of presenting others work, I was shaking. Not something I have done since I was in second year presenting. It was an experience however, which made me realize some other important aspects. There was a quote in the book, Home from Nowhere by Howard Kunstler which reminded me of this.

"The outcome of two decades of urban renewal was that almost nothing of enduring value got built"

This relates to my experience because I had studied each persons work so hard and became so focused on presenting each persons project with the intention of showing their whole space, that I lost site of the real challenge. This presentation was not meant for that, it was meant to show the potential each school had. By separating their work out and trying to present it individually I think I failed at this. This is why nothing had ever been built according to Kunstler. So many people tried to go in every direction to show what they believed was best for that time. However, it wasn't and many issues arose and communities were lost. The value of design needs to be looked at from every angle, whether great or small but either way it needs to be looked at as a whole. Something I should have done when presenting.
This project was a great learning experience and helped me achieve many goals which I set out to gain this semester:
1. Balancing school and life
2. Going back to my roots of hand rendering
3. Research
4. Learn a new program

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